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~ sloppy ~

1. Marked by a lack of neatness or order; untidy: a sloppy room

2. Marked by a lack of care or precision; slipshod: sloppy use of language.

3. Informal – over sentimental; gushy.

4. 解釋(adj.) sakaddama.

~ buddhist ~

1. one who follows the teachings of Buddha and the Buddhist precepts

The precepts are a condensed form of Buddhist ethical practice.  The first five precepts are mandatory for every Buddhist, although the fifth precept is often not observed, because it bans the consumption of alcohol.  Precepts six to ten are laid out for those in preparation for monastic life and for devoted lay people unattached to families.

….this means undertaking and observing each precept by abstaining from…

1.         …harming living beings…

2.         …taking things not freely given…

3.         …sexual misconduct…

4.         …false speech…

5.         …intoxicating drinks and drugs causing heedlessness…

6.         …taking untimely meals…

7.         …dancing, singing, music and watching grotesque mime…

8.         …use of garlands, perfumes and personal adornment…

9.         …use of high seats…

10.      …accepting gold or silver…*

so…while i’m good on the first 4, i don’t often observe the 5th, and i’m really sloppy on the rest.

~ sloppybuddhist  ~

1. becoming…

2. someone who somewhat observes some of the buddhist precepts some of the time…

3. yet to be somewhat defined…

* (adapted from The Word of 
the Buddha, Niyamatolika, The Buddhist Publication Society, 1971, p xii)

~ hedy bach

~ first post 11.06.01

~ updated 12.01.12

~ update 12.03.27

~ update 13.08.29

  1. My definituon of a “sloppybuddhist is .. “a person like Hedy Bach” :-)


  2. very nice pics on your blog!!!! :D

  3. Check the black birds already circling round the church…

  4. 1. yet to be defined…..wip

  5. thanks kindly words…excuse my slow my response…and yes always ‘becoming’…always learning along the way.

  6. 7 and 8 I have great difficulty with; so like Quaker/Shaker/Amish-y rules. I really have my doubts Buddha would have made such rules. 9 I don’t understand and 10, well, only if you are a Buddhist monk! I like that the pic includes a church !! and you with streaming white hair, very witch-like, which is a compliment.

  7. i agree i doubt Buddha wrote such things or said these things…it’s all fiction…the messiness of becoming…i also giggle about the streaming white hair, very witch-like…i have a story about that…thanks for your comments.

  8. My Taoist tai chi instructor once told me that long ago in Taoism, there were only three precepts. He then paraphrased and I’m doing the same, but they amount to this:
    1) Respect the earth
    2) Respect yourself
    3) Try to help others

    I like this a lot, because it’s simple, and because — for me, anyway — each precept contains within it a cluster of other good guidelines.

    • and as a sloppy buddhist i just want to stay awake…perhaps, see through appearances.

      i love what you have written here…has a common sense feel…thanks kindly for reading and commenting Penny :-)

  9. Hello dear one, I really enjoy your blog and am happily giving you the Versatile Blogger Award. As always, it’s all in fun and only if you would enjoy participating. More info on my post. Warm Hugs, Gina

  10. nice of you to correct Buddha by adding 2 more percepts… anyway Atisha will teach you that all is an illusion.
    be sloppy and happy. nice blog

  11. Thanks for dropping by the Chateau and my studio. Lots of great ideas here to explore. Suppose it is only natural for the sloppy buddhist to like my sloppy art. Best wishes, Robert

  12. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

  13. hey, you have a wonderful blog here!! great work friend!

  14. thanks kindly…i appreciate your likes and follows since being “freshly pressed”…it’s humbling…and makes me smile….thank you all!

  15. I must be the sloppiest Buddhist then – 1-4 pretty much, 5-8, especially 7, why on earth…? 9 – incomprehensible and funny! 10 – just plain impractical in today’s world. That must be why they are for monks but it just seems a bit sad!

    • :-D welcome sloppiest Buddhist…love it…i knew i wasn’t alone…your reflective comment makes me smile…i knew i was a sloppy buddhist when i decided to have a dying pet put to sleep…among others rules i break or bend…being a Buddhist was all over for me ;-) compose a good thursday!

  16. I too am a sloppy buddhist. ~ Dennis

  17. Thanks for liking a post on Your blog looks really interesting so am following :-)

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