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according to Buddha

The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.

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  1. I think that this is a very sad photo. A brilliant capture. This may sound strange but, whereas I always feel sympathy for the human, I am more concerned about the dog. Usually the person is that position because of some choices (right or wrong) they may have made, or maybe not. But the dog has no choice. But I know if it was I, my dog would not leave my side ever. She is a 7 year old Mini Dachshund and she will follow me from room to room. I think dogs are just the best!

  2. but easy to walk on by…it is a cat though…which is a part of what caught my attention…and of course, my wonders of lived stories of street lives…and as a lover of all critters…i think about the need for good veterinary care and how these critters bring love and meaning to people’s lives…

    thanks kindly for your comment of ‘brilliant capture’ Mark…and i agree dogs and cats are just the best!

  3. Material depravation is easy to see here…at least this cat has human…there is compassion there…this photo makes me feel my poverty…convinent lack of emotion when I see the homeless or people who need something from me when I don’t have anything to give…thank you for posting this…

    • compassion…i hope for always…sometimes, i hope people may just have a feeling…i felt/feel my privilege…home, energy, food, clothing, water…but i was aware of the colours and wire materials…all matching the organization of his work space…along with the sleeping cat…it all just left we wondering as i walked up and down the street a few times…

  4. Thanks for the reminder….done well…

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