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according to Buddha

This world is swept away by aging, by illness, by death.
For one swept on by aging no shelters exist.
Keeping sight of this danger in death, do meritorious deeds that bring bliss.
Make merit while alive.
When the world is on fire with aging and death, one should salvage [future wealth] by giving:

i find shelter

  1. Lovely sentiment, and one with which I have always agreed with. However, as I have always been self-employed, my dear wife has always accused me of ‘giving it away’. And I understand where she is coming from. But I have found, in long run, if you are patient enough you will always receive more than you gave away….overall.

    Cool pics BTW.

    • and i understand…i think about scripts i live…and how these stories are held within institutionalized boundaries…expectations…i also think about the pebble in the pond…the ripples…thanks kindly for looking and your heartfelt comment Mark.

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    What I like about Buddhism is the very common sense belief that everything is transient. Seasons and years change, empires and buildings rise and fall…nothing lasts forever….in that, I take comfort…pain passes and so does joy…peace and freedom from wanting satisfies a soul forever.

  4. love the black and white!

  5. my favorite here is the last one. and I enjoyed all this gray scale here.. thank you.
    keep the quotes and work coming.

  6. On its way to returning to Nature, as do all things and people. Don’t worry about it. Excellent images, especially the bottom two which are highly graphic.

  7. loved the abandoned look!

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