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according to Buddha

Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill.

…we are wise enough to give all we are

we have a chance to make a difference til our dying day…

  1. I agree with Buddha’s sentiment. Therefore, I think there should be a World Day of Silence, at least one day each month/week, for everyone! That would make us focus on communicating in a more meaningful way, don’t you think. Like the photo.

    • yes i wonder as well about meaningful ways we look and feel…the surveyor and surveyed…the man in black was not impressed…at least that is how i felt…in that moment…even with his dark sunglasses…i was uncomfortable as this is also my first attempt with capturing people…as a sense of street photography…as i do not like strangers taking photos of me…so this has been a self search…but as you write…i think about your last words…”like the photo” as you mean you enjoyed looking at the image….or “like the photo?”…showing us some kind of “communication”…as i snapped/read the image as disconnected…a sort of walk on by feeling…thanks kindly for your reflection…made me think…smiles!

  2. Like the photo means I like the photo and have Liked it…you know….
    I like it for showing us the people going about their daily lives, in bright sunshine, rather than moody darkness, say, and the fact that one man there has taken notice of you the photographer; he doesn’t look too fussed about you taking the pic, that is what I sense, as a long-time people photographer, especially in the street. I feel drawn to such images. Keep going; you may become emboldened to even get closer, maybe to someone like the person sitting down on the footpath there who’s selling something. On my blog, soon I will have a very closeup pic of a street musician, that you can almost see the hairs on his cheeks, I was literally breathing down his neck; he didn’t mind, he’s an artist and used to that sort of thing; the post will be called The guitarist. cheers, :O

    • i walked around the block a few times…bought the street paper from the person sitting…and then watched people go into the market buying their foods…a sort of sadness lingers for me always as i watch people just walk on by….so thanks for this…i will keep looking and clicking…smiles!

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