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Victor Hugo’s last novel

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according to Buddha

 Neither fire nor wind, birth nor death can erase our good deeds.

pretty little thing.

  1. Gorgeous pic, don’t you just love baby animals?

    • nothing better…and i love critters and in particular horses! thanks Mark 🙂

      • I saw this and thought of you. It may be of interest.


        • how cool is this Mark…❤ the question what ‘If Buddha taught photography’…’if’…imagine…the other day i was trying to explain buddhist capitalism…i believe it is possible…thanks kindly for making the connection…

          i liked his words…”I interpret this to see and feel everything with childlike innocence and wonder and awe. Try it. You’ll feel the difference. You’ll live that moment. And when you live, you’ll create.”

  2. I love that in the first photo, the baby is framed by the mama’s belly and foreleg. Quite an interesting composition!

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