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according to Buddha

Whether you are guided by your emotions or guided by your intellect, it leads to despair because it leads nowhere.  But you realize that love is not pleasure, love is not desire. You know what pleasure is?  When you look at something or when you have a feeling, to think about that feeling, to dwell…

oh, i forget to mention the bicycle is a good invention…

  1. I have to think about this quote …what is B saying?
    great shots

  2. i thought about the quote as somehow…in this moment…it just ‘is’…i also live the rhetoric of the Alberta Tar Sands…and imagine Albertan’s cycling….

    here is a link i posted on facebook….

    thanks for looking and commenting…it’s nice!

  3. thanks kindly for liking and looking…i appreciate it!

    and another little thing to think about bicycle rush hour…

  4. I like how the words and pictures are slightly askew from each other in meaning… it makes you think! -Renee

  5. You have an amazing talent! The photos look as though the bikes are the ones attending the fair. From your photos I can visualize bicycles milling around, laughing, going on rides, eating fatty, but delicious, food only available at fairs and carnivals, etc.

    • thanks kindly Michelle for the compliment…Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities and my Dutch roots…thanks for stopping by to look…smiles!

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