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according to Buddha

Not in the sky, nor in the sea, nor in a cave in the mountains can a man escape from his harmful deeds

behind the wheel

  1. Beautiful pics again!

  2. Ah, Highway 2

  3. Compelling images…even more compelling words…beautiful.

  4. I’m telling you, Jesus is the ONLY WAY you can enter Heaven. He died on the cross for the sins of the world, even your Buddha’s sins. He was buried, and He was raised from the dead three days later. His blood shed on the cross washes away sins. He’s coming back someday, and every knee shall bow to Him, even your Buddha. Connie

    • “There is nothing in Christianity or Buddhism that quite matches the sympathetic unselfishness of an oyster” ~ H. H. Munro

  5. Beautiful images. It sure makes being behind the wheel look that much more enticing! Btw, thanks for stopping by our blog and liking the post on the Dead Sea 🙂 Keep up the good work on your end! 🙂

  6. Excellent series of pix. …harmful deeds….only by redeeming himself through acts of kindness and sincerity….

  7. The red truck photo is terrific…well actually the whole series is

  8. Great images! (Were you driving?!)

  9. Must add…..According to Burgess
    Not in the sky, nor in the sea, nor in a cave in the mountains can a person escape their greatest and continuing GOOD……the Universe will bless you. Robert

    • yes… there is no distinction…we create distinctions… artificial divisions in own minds and then believe them to be true…apparently the Buddha said something like this too…and i agree in ‘good’…along with all it’s slippery definitions…just be nice…i’ve always believed…

      thanks kindly for following my posts and liking them along the way Robert…i appreciate it as well i enjoy blog and seeing your art works and reading your words…have a beautiful day 🙂

  10. thanks for all your likes on this post…i appreciate all the comments as this was my top post as sloppy buddhist for 2012…pretty cool i would say…so thank you!…as you are the ones that made it!

    bowing…a humble thank you to you all ~ smiles hedy

  11. I love your artistic eye on these shots!

  12. nice photos and thanks for the visit.

  13. Beautiful!

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