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Jiminy Cricket knows how to live this long

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according to Buddha

Think of life on this planet in terms of systems and not detached elements. Broaden your field of vision and assimilate the knowledge you  have. See that the environment does not belong to any single country to exploit and then disregard.

 don’t be a fool. no siree.

wanna stop industrial disease

  1. Strong message….and some lovely pics.

    • thanks Mark…it’s been said before…i think we are slow learners, here in Alberta anyways….thanks for your comments. smiles

  2. as i wonder about all the emissions of real pollutants like heavy metals, acids and their precursors, etc.

  3. i think about energy….the finite of resources…and sharing….

    here’s a cool project i found the other day.

    thanks kindly *likers* for dropping by 🙂

  4. Nice shots! 🙂

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