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according to Buddha

Prioritize the spiritual life in your spending plan.

…what did i buy today?

besides another cup of coffee…..

  1. Hedy, find out how to let the music open in a new window. It’s nice reading with music in the background.. Love it, Han.

    • yes…you think?…i feel so conflicted with this idea…but i will try it…see if viewers notice…thanks Han…a lot!

      • One klicks your link and is off your page, when done listening klick the red cross and start all over.

        At my “Beeld bij muziek” items the youtube opens in a new window for that reason.

        Yes we can.

  2. i also know and read

    Please note: autoplay is a major irritant for some people (myself included). Many of us will click out never to return again if we experience someone else’s musical taste and have not been given an option to listen or not. I never return to such blogs.

    i think *likers* will note that i attach a song to each post….still thinking…will check “Beeld bij muziek” …thanks Han

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