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according to Buddha

Not knowing is most intimate.

as i walk along the city streets

i know not-knowing does not mean i don’t know

who’s weighted…
weighted to the ground

my my where do i go ?
my my what do i know ?

* photographs taken by me in Lima Peru.

  1. I am always saddened to see women on the streets, like this; it tells me a number of things about them, which I won’t go into here, but often it is not the reason one would/could assume; one is shocked when one learns. I always wish them well and try to help, if I can! Good post.

    • she was unable to speak to me…even lifting her head proved to be difficult…and for me it is all necessarily troubling…my change will not change her life…and i find it all haunting in light of my privilege…and it seems to me these images can be just about anywhere…

      thanks kindly Jim for your comments…i imagine a different world.

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