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according to Buddha

Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.

a  peeler

i took this photo with permission in Lima, Peru

  1. Great shot – There’s a man who likes his posters more than his work, methinks! 🙂

  2. Don’t think much of his peeling skills! Lots of chopping going on though. Why did you feel you had to ask for permission? Was it out of politeness or were you aware of his large peeler? 🙂

    • jajajaja…i am still learning this “taking” of pictures with/of people…although my camera is small…and yes the people are in public…and yes in this moment i feel better “asking”…even though that still has layers of wonder for me…thanks for the giggles…probably i am a little too serious…as i do not like strangers taking photographs of me….:-)

      • I had a friend once who used to blatantly take photos of people doing their shopping in supermarkets! I asked him if he ever asked their permission, and he said no, I do it very sneakily so they can’t see me. Now that is bad, and I told him so. If I take a picture of someone in the street and they look like they might object, I go up to them and explain what I do and do they mind? If they say they do, I delete the pics there and then in front of them and apologise. Not that I have to, by law as you know in public place etc.. but I feel it is only polite and ethical. i think you did the right thing by asking!

        • well my next post blurs these lines…as i continue to negotiate public/private domains….sometimes people just see me and smile, ok or thumbs up….i am still learning along the way, as always 🙂 thanks for your insights and thoughts on the topic….i appreciate them!

  3. thanks Mark…. really 🙂

  4. btw: what is he peeling?

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