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according to Buddha

Emptiness is form; form is emptiness

instagram ~ hedy bach ~ drops ~ 10

instagram ~ hedy bach ~ drops ~ 8

instagram ~ hedy bach ~ drops ~ 11

instagram ~ hedy bach ~ drops ~ 14

instagram ~ hedy bach ~ drops ~ 13

instagram ~ hedy bach ~ drops ~ 15

instagram ~ hedy bach ~ drops ~ 6

almost gold

  1. still wondering 🙂 but beautiful for sure!

  2. i’m not telling yet….jajajaja…you’ll see it one day soon too…no doubt!

  3. At first I thought cup of drinking chocolate and then I came up a washing machine shot through the door! Whatever, they are lovely pics and very creative. The fourth and fifth are my favourites, the look like a planet in space!! Excellent work. Love it.

  4. No still can’t see it, unless it is something not to many of us have in the UK which is a Waste Disposal? 🙁

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