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according to Buddha

Purity or impurity depends on oneself,
No one can purify another.

hedy bach photography ~ FUJI x100 ~ Bogotá ~ beer ~ 3

hedy bach photography ~ FUJI x100 ~ Bogotá ~ beer ~ 2

hedy bach photography ~ FUJI x100 ~ Bogotá ~ beer ~ 1

go tell the world 
i’ve wasted my last dime…


walking in Bogotá, Colombia ~ August 2012

  1. Go tell the world I wasted my last d
    Imelda, great lines

  2. Another very good observation from the Buddha, thank you for sharing it. And those photos… so surprising! So unlike my memories of walking in Bogota! (but then, I did that decades ago.) Thanks for updating my mental image of the place

    • it was an amazing city to visit…would return in a heartbeat…i will post more of my trip in upcoming posts…and yes i have learned how much Bogotá has changed…it is a beautiful city!

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