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smallest number whose square begins with three 2’s

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according to Buddha

Today is better than two tomorrows.

hedy bach photography ~ FUJI x100 ~ Calgary woods ~ 2

hedy bach photography ~ FUJI x100 ~ Calgary woods ~ 6

hedy bach photography ~ FUJI x100 ~ Calgary woods ~ 3

i’m going to find a happy place


Calgary, Alberta

  1. winter scenes like are a “happy place” for me. Thanks for the beauty.

  2. whitebalance mrs Bach, snow is white.


    Color balance is normally reserved to refer to correction for differences in the ambient illumination conditions. However, the algorithms for transforming the data do not always clearly separate out the different elements of the correction. Hence, it can be difficult to assign color balance to a specific step in the color correction process. Moreover, there can be significant differences in the color balancing goal. Some applications are created to produce an accurate rendering – as suggested above. In other applications, the goal of color balancing is to produce a pleasing rendering. This difference also creates difficulty in defining the color balancing processing operations.

    okay…all new to me…love learning along the way Han…as i did not alter these images…it was early morning pink light…almost a golden glow…and i do not believe all snow is white…we think it is white…ps. aka sloppy buddhist or dr.hedy 😉

    thanks for your teachings Han 😀

  4. Photography in winter is not easy. Your lightmeter inside the camera is set for 18% midgrey.. With snow, wich is much lighter you have to fool your whitebalance and your meter.. It is a matter of trial and learn. It took me a few winters.. As we do not have so much snow as you in Canada.

  5. BTW a nice example of a ‘golden hour’ :

  6. Amazing shots!!!I love the colours in these landscapes!!It reminds me of Cezanne´s wonderful paintings !!Thanks for sharing them sloppy buddhist!! 🙂

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