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according to Buddha

      It is like water and ice.
Apart from water, no ice…

instragram hedy bach ~ frozen water ~ 1

instragram hedy bach ~ frozen water ~ 3

instragram hedy bach ~ frozen water ~ 5

instragram hedy bach ~ frozen water ~ 2

fever…in the mornin’
fever all through the night


Alberta roof tops ~ spring 2013

  1. through frozen rice fields,
    moving slowly on horseback
    my shadow creeps by ~Basho

    • lovely…the other day i photographed a lone rider and her 2 dogs…the sun was brilliant…thanks kindly for your thoughtful comments 😀

  2. ‘ How near the truth, yet how far we seek.’ Excellent lesson. I thank you.

  3. you’re most welcome…and thank you for your thoughtful words…i always hope each post will make it’s own sense to individual readers…i am always learning along the way.

  4. just stunning “minimalist” images – so much space to breathe into – less can indeed be so much more… thanks!

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