NYC graffiti artist Taki

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according to Buddha

No culture can live, if it attempts to be exclusive.

hedy bach photography ~ cowboys ~ 2

hedy bach photography ~ cowboys ~ 8

hedy bach photography ~ cowboys ~ 4

hedy bach photography ~ cowboys ~ 1

just another lonely country boy grown weary of the night
just another boy with a sink full of dirty dishes…


Wetaskiwin, Alberta ~ 2013-06-15

  1. Great b/w. the sky is fantastic

  2. Excellent pictures. Excellent quote. You might find this interesting (on the theme of the quote):

  3. the last photo is epic!

  4. and those men on the car… are they like amish people?

  5. I also love these photos. It take me to another place and cultural experience. And I am all for it.

    • well thanks kindly…i am happy that the photos show another snippet of lived experiences…i am an outsider to rural life but have started to explore visually Alberta rodeo life…i learn a lot along the way…many smiles and i appreciate your comment 😀

  6. Gorgeous photos- wish there were more of them! Lovely post!

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