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according to Buddha

People forget that their lives will end soon. For those who remember, quarrels come to an end.

hedy bach photography ~ Sloppy Buddhist ~ fijix100 ~ Tpark ~ 9

hedy bach photography ~ Sloppy Buddhist ~ fijix100 ~ Tpark ~ 8

hedy bach photography ~ Sloppy Buddhist ~ fijix100 ~ Tpark ~ 10

years from now
they will make water
from the reservoirs
of our idiot tempers


Edmonton, Alberta

  1. Beautiful

  2. that time of the year… and our lives

  3. as it flies by….dance!

  4. thanks kindly *likers* and for taking the time to look…humble thanks 😀

  5. So true…So true….Love your images, always have!

  6. […] The Sloppy Buddhist has translations of Buddha paired with photographs; it is a delight to behold. He probably has […]

    • 😀 thanks kindly…i love…the spaces of possibilities in-between…it’s a delight to hear…well they are words the Buddha apparently said…She probably has […] smiles!

  7. So interesting! Just read an article for NYTimes about the spaces between and around the words as being just as important as the words themselves:
    Anyway, In case you did not get my whole message…despite what I assume to be loads of devoted followers, I nominated you for a Liebster Award. I enjoy your posts so much–the writings, the photographs, AND THE TITLE. Love that, too. Congratulations!

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