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according to Buddha

Loving-kindness means you want all beings to be well and happy. Not just people you know and like, but all beings – including strangers, people that annoy you, even animals. 

hedy bach photography ~ Fijifilm X100 ~ London ~ dog 3

hedy bach photography ~ Fijifilm X100 ~ London ~ dog ~ 2

hedy bach photography ~ Fijifilm X100 ~ London ~ dog

i love my dog as much as i love you
but you may fade, my dog will always come through.


London, England ~ walking in Hyde Park ~ September 2013.

  1. Aren’t dogs great? I was reading in the National Geographic about an experiment that has been going on for about 50 years in Russia to breed “person-friendly” foxes (see link at the end of this message). The article says modern dogs have evolved for 14,000 years from wild wolves, judging by their DNA. And as for Buddha and dogs, I heard a Tibetan lama say we should be kind to other beings because once upon a time that being was out mother, assuming we have all been reincarnated an endless number of time, until now, of course. Which is one way to look at it. If wolves can turn into dogs, people can become kind-hearted. ink:

    • well i have 3 so i am a person who thinks they are great…this is a wonderful connection…all beings matter…not matter what form…thanks kindly for sharing 😀

  2. Absolutely adore pets. Unfortunately where we live, we cannot keep pets. It would be too cruel to leave them in an air conditioned apartment while we are at work 12 hrs a day. Left our German Shepherd puppy with my husband’s parents in India when we moved to UAE. He is very happy with the coconut trees and green grass and what not. But we miss him terribly

    I like the third photo very much!

    • yes critters need attention…the ‘labour of care’ is part of owning a pet…and yes time…in my latest post of Istanbul cats…i witnessed a community of people all of the people taking care of the cats and dogs who live contently on the streets and parks and with and among the people…it was a interesting experience to see…the idea of “owning” a critter…it’s all a wonder when i think about it…i have 3 dogs and 2 cats…a little zoo…thanks for your comment Archie…compose a wonderful thursday 😀

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