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according to Buddha

He whose inflowing thoughts are dried up, who is unattached to food, whose 
dwelling place is an empty and imageless release…the way of such a person is 
hard to follow, like the path of birds through the sky.



hedy bach photography


free as a bird
it’s the next best thing to be
free as a bird

home, home and dry
like a homing bird I’ll fly
as a bird on wings


Istanbul, Turkey ~Pigeon friendly rescue at the Spice Market ~ September 2013

  1. Mind your shutterspeed Hedy.

    • yes #2 photo…i agree…but i wanted to use it for the story…thanks kindly Han 😀

      • Set your aperture to 5,6 your shutterspeed to 500 and your iso on automatic in a window between 200 and 1600.

        Mind the lightmeter in de left of the occulair and eventually set the speed to either 1000 or higher in case of lots of light or to 250 or lower in case of low light.

        You can shoot all day long.

  2. Do not go lower than 30! Ever. Without a tripod that is.

  3. ok Han…but i have no plans to schlep around a tripod, at this point.

  4. do not go below 1-30st of a second then. 😉

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