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the year Macrinus became roman emperor

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according to Buddha

It is easy to know man’s face, but it is difficult to know his thought.





never knowing
shocking but we’re nothing
we’re just moments
all we got is questions
we’ll never know
never know
never know


Istanbul, Turkey ~ walking on Istiklal Street, September 2013

  1. Mmm I like the picture of the bread makers. Pride? How interesting that the photographs confirm the illusion that the words speak of. Each photo depicts a constellation of things, people, light, atoms that have never appeared exactly in that configurtion and quite likely will never do so again, although if the universe is so old and will exist for a long time yet, who knows, that scene may reappear again one day. And yet something endures, does it not?

  2. such a thoughtful response…really appreciate your thoughts about the universe…i found Istiklal Street overwhelming at times when it felt like a sea of people…we found this restaurant along the way as a place of reprieve and some authentic foods and cay…the women were lovely as i asked to take their photograph…Istanbul is an amazing city…would return in a heartbeat…:-D

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