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Lady Triệu’s birthdate

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according to Buddha

Mind is the forerunner of (all evil) states. Mind is chief; mind-made are they. If one speaks or acts with wicked mind, suffering follows one, even as the wheel follows the hoof of the draught-ox.
Mind is the forerunner of (all good) states. Mind is chief; mind-made are they. If one speaks or acts with pure mind, affection follows one, even as one’s shadow that never leaves.




hedy bach photography





Edmonton, Alberta ~ Alberta Aviation Museum ~ January 2014

  1. Beautiful– I love the quote and the purity and simplicity of the images.

    • thanks kindly Leah…it is a piece of history i know little about…so i enjoyed photographing some details and looking at the airplanes…appreciate your comments 🙂

  2. Lovely photos! And that Buddha quote is incredible. Very thought provoking, and quite poetic. Thank you kindly for sharing! Cheers, Gina

    • thanks Gina for writing your kind words…i often wonder if the Buddha ever said any of these words…regardless reading Buddhist philosophies/words motivates me to think about living a meaningful…see beauty…and feel gratitude for those moments of bliss of living in the ‘real’ world…smiles ~ hedy

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