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according to Buddha

Ambition is like love, impatient both of delays and rivals.


hedy bach photography

hedy bach photography




good day sunshine,
good day sunshine,
good day sunshine.
and then we lie, beneath a shady tree,
i love her and she’s loving me.


Edmonton, Alberta ~ 2014

  1. Fabulous shots of the hare!!

  2. I love this post SO much! From your opening Buddha quote (perfectly apropos as always) to the dogs impatiently watching their rival. Then those shots of the HARE! Thank you for sharing your talented ‘captures’ of a cool animal we northerners live with. Cheers, G

  3. I love rabbits and hares-great series of images that tell a terrific story!

    • i live in a neighbourhood that has many hares…some seem the size of our little dog…now i watch to see the hare’s change of colour…always cool to me…and then the times the dogs don’t even see them…it’s a joyful moment! 😀

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