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according to Buddha

Live purely. Be quiet.
Do your work with mastery.
Like the moon, come out
from behind the clouds!


hedy bach photography



and we all shine on
like the moon and the stars and the sun
well, we all shine on


Edmonton ~ kitchen day ~ 2014

  1. Love the glass!!

  2. Isn’t it sad though, how people struggle to shine. Something has smeared mud on our ability to shine. It would seem that on our own we are helplessly lost. There has to be help somewhere – we would hope…

    • thanks for your comment 🙂 …you remind me life is also struggle and suffering…just as joy and bliss are also a part of life…i have come to believe that we are all where we are suppose to be…life is so much bigger than this human uniform we are all in…and yes, at times we are stuck in the mud…and that’s ok…it is when we are together we can make meaning and learn to live a meaningful life…we all need love. <3

  3. even the cat can see the shine!

  4. Love that cat reflection. Great shot!

  5. Such glorious beauty to be discovered in everyday objects! Thank you for sharing your talented ‘eye’ with us. And the perfect quotes. Plus I do love how you find such cool YouTube vid’s to include. I appreciate all your posts! hugs, Gina

    • humble thanks Gina 😀

      i enjoy making my posts…all a combination of things i love…so i do it with a glad heart…you know 😀

  6. OK, I’ll be an honest thief. I love the light/shadow pictures taken from on top. It is officially now part of my tips/tricks/techniques/repertoire. Proof to come soon…

  7. Really nice shots.

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