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according to Buddha

The world is empty — all of the people and places, the earth, the seas, mountains, deserts, forests and cities, and the beings that inhabit them, are unchangeable.

hedy bach photography





hedy bach photography

it’s easy saying nothing when there’s nothing to say
thinking about it everyday, starting to notice you’re fading away.



Edmonton Brewing & Malting Company on 100th Street, Edmonton, Alberta ~ March 2014




  1. Beautiful photos! Love the juxtaposition of trees with the sharp angles of the building, and that last one is incredible. I love the shadow lines on the brick wall, and the tall building in the distance. What an eye you have! (and I do have a soft place in my heart for ol’ white trucks as I have one myself). Cheers, Gina

    • Gina thanks for your words and thoughts…i appreciate them…it’s humbling too…this bridge in Etown is the great divide…lots of stories in/on/about this icon…compose a happy day Gina. 🙂

      • That Paula Simons is an awesome writer! Loved her statement about the bridge: “It has a simple stark dignity all its own.” That reminds me perfectly of your photos of the High Level Bridge (in your next post but hey I’m delighted to correspond with you anywhere). Glad they ceased the fall! The river valley is beautiful enough, and the bridge as it is. Loved her conclusion…. life isn’t like a waterfall after all! xo G

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