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according to Buddha

They who imagine truth in untruth and see untruth in truth will never arrive at the truth. 

hedy bach photography

hedy bach photography

hedy bach photography


hedy bach photography

what will become of the truth
when we keep it in
things we don’t remember
when they ask us “when”

maybe this is my heart and
maybe it is yours
burns away the eyes
peering in our doors


Lamont county, Central Alberta ~ May 2014

  1. Beautiful photos.

  2. I love to see those old wood buildings with paint peeling off

    • yes that touch of red…and the warmth of spring sun…i look for them always…thanks for your comment Nelson 😀

  3. Bravo for this blog — you always have wise words, and totally appropriate, truly stunning photography to complement the words

    • awe Penny…i walk along and beside you…learning along the way always…i enjoy composing posts and i love my camera too…thanks kindly for your words…happy day to you! 😀

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