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according to Buddha

To find a buddha, all you have to do is see your nature. Your nature is the buddha. And the buddha is the person who’s free, free of plans, free of cares. If you don’t see your nature and run around all day looking somewhere else, you’ll never find a buddha. 

hedy bach photography



hedy bach photography

hedy bach photography

hedy bach photography

see the lies

that hide the truths…


Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area, Strathcona County

  1. Has that tree been gnawed at? The first image is the keeper for me

    • yes by a beaver…albeit i did not find one this time…and i like the last image…the message on his t-shirt. 😉 thanks kindly ‘serialphotographer’ for your words and wonder 😀

  2. hungry beaver

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