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according to Buddha

If for company you cannot find a wise and prudent friend who leads a good life, then, like a king who leaves behind a conquered kingdom, or like a lone elephant in the elephant forest, you should go your way alone.







well, he feels like an elephant

shakin’ his big grey trunk for the hell of it…


Edmonton ~ Park days ~ May 2014

  1. Wonderful words and accompanying shots

    • well thanks…i really appreciate you saying and looking…i truly enjoy making my posts…so glad to spread some of my joy/wonder/questions along the way…thanks kindly Serialphotographer 😀

  2. on the first photo, the smallness of the person walking make her more “alone” …….. I love it

    • yes…a lone but not lonely…i too walk alone often with my dogs…a mindful sort of photowalking…thanks so much Nelson for your comments and taking notice of the details. 😀

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