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Julian’s equivalent to Korean calendar year 2629

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According to Buddha

Happiness or sorrow –
Whatever befalls you, Walk on
Untouched, unattached.



hedy bach photography

hedy bach photogrpahy


i love to go a-wandering,
along the mountain track,
and as i go, i love to sing,
my knapsack on my back.


Banff, Alberta ~ Banff Avenue ~ September 2014

  1. I miss so much Banff National Park… Enjoy! 🙂

    • i also miss it…i will return soon…now i’m lingering in my mind’s eye with my photographs…thanks Meho for your comment…happy day to you 🙂

  2. really love the photos! what a great find to take them like that.

    ps: i know the dutch version of the song, really made me laugh 🙂

    • these are from when i was from the Banff Wilderness Photography workshop…my ‘assignment’ was to capture yellow…i went into town…and found many things but also this pedestrian scramble…in Banff yet, i thought so cool…i will post another pedestrian scramble from Japan…all cool to me 😀 and yes the song i also thought fun/ny 😉

  3. great article!

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