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According to Buddha

There is no reality in a dream but nevertheless we believe in the reality of the things seen in a dream. After waking up, we recognize the falsity of the dream and we smile at ourselves.

hedy bach photography

hedy bach photography

hedy bach photography




EdmontonTerwillegar Park ~ October 2014.

  1. I love these definitely my kind of image, you can feel the bone chilling cold and hear the crunch of frost on the ground. Beautiful.

    • thanks kindly…yes it was a soft crunch…not too cold yet…(ps. i put your 2 comments together) i know that feeling of hitting the wrong key…compose a happy day SerialPhotographer 😀

  2. Beautiful set of images…love the fog and frost!

    • me too early morning…quiet…i love this time after the night…thanks kindly for you comment and stopping by Neely…compose a happy day. 🙂

  3. Gorgeous.

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