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According to Buddha

Existence is illusion. Understand, and go beyond. 

hedy bach photography


hedy bach photography

cold-hearted orb
that rules the night
removes the colours
from our sight
red is gray and
yellow, white
but we decide
which is right
which is an illusion


Edmonton, MillCreek Ravine ~ December 2014

  1. The constant battle of the photograph. To help viewers feel and sense what I saw rather than just see.

    • it’s not a battle it’s a dance Ray 😀 and yes it’s about feeling…i have worked on learning to feel again and not to just think think think…compose a happy day Ray!

  2. I just love your blog!

  3. Really like those reflective photos combined with the poem.

    • thanks slpmartin for saying and the song and words of the Moody Blues just seemed fitting for my images today…i appreciate your kind words…wishing you a happy day 😀

  4. Beautiful words once again, use to listen to that album ~ and matched so well with your photos.

  5. “Understand, and go beyond”. Truthful words but a reality that is hard to achieve.

    • indeed…i read the Buddha’s words as ones of letting go…moving on…not looking in the rear view mirror too long so yes this is hard work when we think of reality…maybe moment by moment…thanks for your comment…compose a happy day Ruby.

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