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According to Buddha

Embrace nothing:
If you meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha.
If you meet your father, kill your father.
Only live your life as it is,
Not bound to anything.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

 walking in the sunshine town feeling very cool
but the butchers and the bakers in the supermarket stores
getting everything she wants from the supermarket stores
apples and oranges
apples and oranges


Edmonton, Alberta ~ kitchen life ~ 2015.

  1. Lovely shots, again.

  2. Fantastic black and white shots. And the one of the peeled orange is great too.

  3. I think Buddha must have been munching on Peyote the day he said that! *w*

    • that’s funny Dormis and yes perhaps Buddha was or maybe needed some sleep 😉 or maybe they are fake words…who knows…i felt the words fit with the images of the kitchen tools from my father in a joking sort of way…i have a sad sense of humour 😉 😀 happy day to you!

      • oh they must be made up. Well at least you have a sense of humor, that is more than some can claim. I guess it’s sort of like that movie titled:, ‘throw momma from the train.’ 🙂 Have fun on the rainbow ride called life.

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