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CUPE number of the civic group for Central Okanagan

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According to Buddha

You are not your body. Your body is not you.
You are not the doer. You are not the enjoyer.
You are pure awareness, The witness of all things.
You are without expectation,
Wherever you go,
Be happy!

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

who’s gonna tell you when
it’s too late
who’s gonna tell you things
aren’t so great
you can’t go on
thinking nothing’s wrong
who’s gonna drive you home tonight


random streets of NYC ~ February 2015.

  1. How did you get these fantastic overhead views from the middle of the street? Were you at the back at the top of an open tour bus? The shots are great: sharp, well composed, and you haven’t blown out the highlights. I love the first shot too.

    • well it was a grateful surprise :o…a broken window at the back of the hop on/off bus 😀 i was dressed for the fresh weather…i hung out ;-)…lousy smell…and the bumps, turns, traffic and street work added to the challenge of stillness…i loved it 😀 and i learn when it’s fun!

  2. Another great set.

  3. Nice post and great pictures! I’m having a guess you shot these from the top of an open bus?

    • thanks kindly Peter…not open but this bus had a broken back window…and it was a nearly empty bus…a grateful surprise…i hung out 😀 …compose a happy day!

  4. Usually you would expect these pictures in colour…
    …but your choice of b&w makes them really interesting, because you notice things you wouldn’t probably notice in the coloured version.

    Really fantastic!

    • thanks kindly Rabirus i shot all of these in b/w as it was a night tour 😀 compose a happy night and thanks for your comment too.

  5. Beautiful shots ~ the first one is amazing of the city yet also of the individual (and the type that can enjoy and thrive in NYC. “You are without expectation, Free.”

    • i felt like running…for me, nyc has that runners feel…a way to feel free. 😀

      • One of my favorite things when I was in NYC was running in Central Park…the energy of the city helped me just flow-along during my runs. 🙂

  6. Reblogged this on malinadesign and commented:
    Free. Wherever you go, Be happy!!!

  7. Love NYC and love your photos. Very pleased you stumbled across my blog so I could stumble across yours.

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