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According to Buddha

I tell people, when you cut me, I bleed just like you. 

hedy bach iPhoneography

hedy bach iPhoneography

hedy bach iPhoneography

hedy bach iPhoneography

hedy bach iPhoneography

hedy bach iPhoneography

hedy bach iPhoneography

she’s never known anybody had a gun
and her daddy never did
but i think it should be up to me
’cause when it’s all said and done
somebody’s got to walk into the night
well, i’m gonna be that one
time to get a gun


Gun SculpturePrince of Wales Armouries Heritage Centre, Edmonton ~ March 2015.

  1. Excellent, creative, and very thought-provoking photos matched with those lyrics (whose video I cannot watch be ause of my slow internet speed.)

  2. ‘well, i’m gonna be that one
    time to get a gun’

    fab photos too.

  3. Wow, and then I think I grew up in a gun culture, farm land and every farmer had one or two, and we learnd how to shoot at 10 or 12 and then owned guns in our own time. Then I remember thinking one day why? It’s been 23 and more years and no guns. Still, I have nothing against rifles, shotguns, but handguns, yeah I do. Those are just to shoot people.

    • i have never seen so many deactivated guns in one place ever in…and i’ve never been exposed to guns in my family life…so for me, this Gun Sculpture made the secret life of weapons visible which is what the artists hope for in their artist statement…i c looked and lingered for quite a while…haunting yet enchanting…Bromley and Kendal also say “The claim that violence is an essential human condition perhaps overlooks the purposeful ideological machine that spurs our brutality and profits from it, be it in the form of civil wars and genocides or isolated domestic homicides.”…thanks kindly Robert for your thoughtful words…compose a happy night ~ hedy

  4. I grew up in a family where even the children had guns at the age of two or three. They slept with guns, played with guns, maybe even ate guns. Consequently, I have never owned a gun.

    • i think about how our childhood narratives shape our adult scripts…i think about the visual imprints of the seen/seeing…and now eating guns, almost funny :-)…and i continue to wonder about ways of erasing his/herstories…thanks kindly Russel for your comment…happy day to you!

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