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Ferdinand “Ferry” Porsche number

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According to Buddha

Do not live in the world,
In distraction and false dreams.
Outside the dharma.
Arise and watch.
Follow the way joyfully,
Through this world and beyond…

 Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

so i tried to erase it
but the ink bled right through
almost drove myself crazy
when these words led to you
and all these useless dreams of living alone
like a dogless bone…


Edmonton, Alberta ~ dawn in Terwillegar Park ~ May 2015.

  1. Exquisite – the words, the images, simple and epic at once, the quiet heartbreak to be a dogless bone…

    • thanks kindly Katalina 😀 i appreciate you saying…i’m really enjoying Damien Rice music this week…compose a happy day!

  2. Ferry Porsche… the VK4501? That number? 🙂

    • Porsche 356: The car that started it all 😳 happy day to you Ray ☺️

      • Started what? The car that started it all was the VW Beetle. Then the VK4501… a Tiger tank. The 356 was an after thought… trust me. Porsches run in my blood.

        • i was using Ferdinand “Ferry” in the title…but i don’t know…so i trust you Ray…cars don’t run in my blood…but my father’s love of cars means i like certain kinds of cars too…thank you for your teachings Ray 😀

          • That was his nickname. But, the first well known car he designed was the VW Beetle, because Hitler demanded it. The VW-Porsche relationship is full of twists and turns. 356s were great fun. We owned one way back. Now, restored they are unaffordable. Now, we own a 2003 996 (911) as our play car. Luckily, we bought it used.

          • cool…always fascinating to know beginnings…yes it was his nickname…and i remember my mom had a VW beetle when i was little…nice to have a play car…summer coming i imagine you can take it out 😀 thanks Ray…just read a little more car history…

          • I think I’d rather have the Tiger tank Porsche as a play car around here. The streets are so terribly filled with pot holes that many of them look like country roads. Add to that some really bad traffic and we rarely drive it. We bought it when we lived in New Mexico after evacuating from Hurricane Katrina. It was great fun there. Driving from Albuquerque to Santa Fe was a pleasure.

          • i’ve always wanted to go to Santa Fe…you’ve lived some hard stories Ray…the tiger tank reminded of the Esso gas stations long ago advertising ‘got a tiger in my tank”….

          • I like Santa Fe. Unfortunately, it too has become a little gentrified. Artists live in little village way outside of Santa Fe because they can’t afford to live in town. Not that many hard stories. There are many Katrina stories that thousands of people have to tell. In fact, on Friday we are going to a benefit for a fellow photographer. Not only was his house flooded, but he could not get Road Home funds and what money he had was stolen by a bad contractor. He shoots some of the same things that I do — Mardi Gras Indians, Second Line Parades — but he drives from Atlanta to do it.

          • and Albuquerque…I’m sure there are little towns to see…I think the land would be wonderful on all senses ☺️ hard stories for many no doubt…some more or less but all parts of our experience…sending vibes of generosity.

          • There are wonderful little towns in the areas between ABQ and SF. There was one that I really liked. But, it was a 30 mile drive to make groceries. NM was great for recovery from something as traumatic is Katrina and all that went with it, but after a while, it was time to come home.

          • i’m happy you’re able to be at home Ray…i will plan a trek to NM yet…sending you good vibes for a great fund raiser…it will be a success no doubt! 😀

  3. Love the silhouetted dog photograph!

  4. Amazing photography Hedy ~ so true to the words “Do not live in the world,
    In distraction and false dreams.” Live with the world, well done 🙂

    • Randall i appreciate you saying that about my photography work…i’m throughly enjoying learning along the way…and well the Buddha always has something to say and remind me of what is…just being in the now 😀 compose a happy day!

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