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According to Buddha

In the mountain hermitage which is my body,
In temple of my breast
At the summit of the triangle of my heart,
The horse which is my mind flies like the wind
He gallops on the plains of great bliss.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

 Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

he’s a Spanish fly who bucks like a stallion,
in the suits that you got him, he looks more Italian.
when you worry about your tan, when the weathers getting clammy.
summer in the city, and winters in Miami.
and you get so high on the high-life pills.
cruising and boozin’ and rockin’ on the horse-sized pills.


Kelowna, British Columbia and Edmonton, Alberta ~ random horses ~ October 2015.

  1. Love the horses, lovely animals.

  2. Very cool!

  3. Love the feeling the words and photos evoke…really like the last photo with the horse and flowers! ~Sherry

  4. Buddha and the Dandy Warhols – bravo! And the clover disappearing into the pony’s mouth…I can hear the chewing. Lovely!

  5. Awesome shots ~ I was just explaining to my friends here in HK about the Pendleton Round-Up and they had tons of questions about horses…and then you come out with this post. The 2nd shot is one that represents the beautiful spirit of horses, well done.

    • thanks kindly Randall…oh horse eyes, noses, tongues…and listening to them eat are part of their beauty and power…thanks for your kind words…compose a happy week! smiles ~ hedy

  6. where have all the flowers gone? 😉 great and intensive captures, Hedy

  7. All so fabulous Hedy and what a great shot to finish on!

  8. long and narrow head for tunneling the wind
    short jaw like a hinge for munching on flowers
    wide eyes like an ocean for running, always running
    because the heart is a fiery furnace

  9. Cool… I like it

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