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Fūsa Sareta Shibuya de number

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According to Buddha

Never concentrate on your faults. By doing so you identify yourself with them. You are the one who puts the veil of delusion in front of your wisdom’s eyes. Whatsoever you think, that is what you are. 

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

i will find my own way,
on roads that only i can pave,
another year, or another day,
i will find my own way.


Edmonton, Alberta, Deep Freeze Byzantine Winter Festival, January 2016.

  1. Such brilliant colors! Wonderful!

  2. Good message for the day. For all the days. Many thanks!

  3. A perfect message for the new year. ❤️ Thanks, Hedy.

  4. I like the way you interspersed the abstracts between the openings. As individual photos the second is my favourite.

  5. wonderful play with lights, Hedy

  6. termakasih infonya, sangat bermanfaat , Adriana

  7. Enjoying the warmth in these great trippy shots Hedy!

  8. Loved the Buddha message today. Well I love them all but this one really hit home. And wonderful abstract images!

    • ahhhh yes gotta love the Buddha…i’m re-reading Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi…big smiles to you Alison! thank you kindly 😀

  9. One of your best series 🙂

    • Ronaldo!!!! hello 😀 humble thank you…so nice of you to say…compose a happy day…many smiles hedy

      • Hey. I loved last series too…. it’s been a long time I followed you (you never in tumblr anymore – which is ok 🙂 and I have the feeling you letting your pictures go…. I remember you being a good “reporter” for facts, once in a while exploring other limits…. but now I see you kind of freeing yourself… am I wrong? Am I being bold? xxx Ronaldo

        • thank you Ronaldo for your comments :-D…i love bold and that you make me think about what i’m creating and my process…and yes i still use tumblr which is my Alberta only photo blog…and you are right my training as a visual researcher influences all i see and do…as i reinvent myself i’m learning more along the way about the place of the photograph in the public domain…i think i am also figuring out what i enjoy to capture…i love capturing urban life but also want the quiet spaces in between so i’m intentional to look for ‘beauty’…but ‘facts’ and the evaded will probably always enter my hedy head 😀 i’ve had fun learning more about abstraction in photography…playing with my Fuji and my mobile exploring as many subjects as i can…i also know i would love to do meaningful journalistic photo work…so i keep on learning…as well i’m now a member of two photo groups here in Edmonton and i have entered some photo competitions to see/learn and challenge myself…(…i do find all the liking/hearting/commenting/etc on several platforms ‘work’ as i do not use ‘click farms’ to respond to people’s posts…and at times life gets in the way so as always i create to make me happy…but no doubt having other people follow and like my creations motivates me and makes me happy too! i hope to continue to free myself from expectations and create more beauty…many smiles and kisses too! ~ hedy

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