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distance between Earth and the star Polaris in light years

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According to Buddha

Walk daily. Bathe your body in the bacteria-killing sunshine every day. Now that winter and its healthful outdoor sports are here, take time to go skating, skiing, and walking. Breathe the fresh, crisp, invigorating air of winter. By these means, methods of physical and mental healing will be unnecessary, for disease will be dispelled.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

is anybody
out there please?
it’s too quiet in here
and i’m beginning to freeze
i’ve got icicles hanging
from my knees
under fifteen feet of pure white snow


Ice Castles, Edmonton, January 2016.



  1. Great shots at the blue hour. So there is a reason to visit Edmonton in January!

  2. Such beautiful images ! ☺

  3. Wowser!!

  4. Come in and warm yourself by the fire, Hedy; you must be frozen…But you made some lovely images. Have a great week. Cheers!

    • it was fresh…i wore many layers…6 in fact 😀 and with hand held hot shots…it was beautiful and bright! there was a wee fire…cheers Chris…enjoy your snowy days! 😀

  5. Stunning, Hedy!

  6. Now this is when I wish we’d have some cold weather. Great pictures. Whew. Like today, we think it’s cold because the temperature got down to 31F. By second line time, it’ll be in the low 40s.

    • Thank you Ray this a entertainment company called Ice Castles…ill add a link later 😀 all fake…real ice of course…delicious sunshine…and those blues…it was a perfect Monday last week ☺️ it’s fresh here…but gentle today off now to the woods 😎

      • Well.:) Second line today started off at in the mid-30s. The air temp rose by 20 degrees in about 90 minutes. We were all dressed warmly and then dying in the “heat.”

        • ‘dying in the heat’…i can imagine…here it is sunny and mild…bright snow and i just look up…it’s beautiful…have a warm monday Ray! i love all weather…some a wee more than others of course 😀

  7. BIG wow

  8. Yeah, that Buddha knew what he was talking about – fresh air and exercise! Gorgeous photos!

  9. Gorgeous all round. Bracing!

  10. Beautiful pics…

  11. So great to use the word “awesome” and mean it!

  12. Stunning. Thanks for sharing this.

  13. […] distance between Earth and the star Polaris in light years […]

    • Alexis Marie and Aaron…you’re the best!…and i’m humbled to be included with this years InFocus exhibit ^_^ as well i’m grateful for all the work and invisible work you do to showcase and celebrate Alberta photographers and their works…i learned a lot, again. Thank you kindly ~ hedy

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