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According to Buddha

Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

did she run away
because somebody didn’t treat her right?
did they leave her out in the cold night air
too lonely night?
a big black dog
big black dogs, they’re everywhere
looking for a home, they’re hungry and scared
all they need is food and attention
to give back love, sometimes redemption of sin
you could find them here in a big black dog


The Black Dog Freehouse, Edmonton ~ January 2016.

  1. What a lovely series, Hedy! It works so well as a sequence for me. And the way the dog’s eyes are captured in the last image. There is something about images that transcends technology. What is that!? It’s amazing, whatever it is…


    • i appreciate that Michael…i was sipping a beer at the Black Dog…playing with my camera phone…listening to tunes and i thought it’s a little story in my hedy head 😉 and i liked the feeling of movement ppl glancing and smiling as they rushed by…and then the dog…well i just love black dogs 😀 happy sunday ~ sending you joy!

  2. What a brilliant series, Hedy. So nice to see, that there a things placed in our lives which we missed to see. Great!

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