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According to Buddha

Truths are not truths to you unless you realize them within yourself. Without realization, they are just ideas. For perception, consciousness, lies not in vague ideas, but in the acquisition of Self-realization. 

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

follow, follow the sun
and which way the wind blows
when this day is done.
breathe, breathe in the air.
set your intentions.
dream with care.


Edmonton, Alberta ~ tulips ~ February 2016.






  1. So very true, that quote

  2. Lovely images here Hedy. White roses are rare in these parts. I liked the quote about realization. While other facts might be true…self-realization represents a deeper level of truth. Cheers!

  3. Beautiful shots Hedy!

  4. Beautiful.

  5. yes beautiful shots Hedy – compose a happy day 🙂

    • Lynne 😀 thank YOU for saying and writing on my sloppy blog…and yes i had a Lightroom lesson today…so far all good…soon yoga which will make it even better…sending you joy Lynne!

  6. Lovely quote and photos, thank you for sharing

  7. a touch of spring, great colours!

    • And some practice for a workshop class on composition…it was bright sun in a blue room…and yes a feeling of spring…thank you Inge ☺️❤️

  8. the Buddha and Xavier Rudd…Mahalo!

  9. Bellissimi!

  10. Beautiful series of photos Hedy, they match the truth you say “Truths are not truths to you unless you realize them within yourself.” ~ something I think can be difficult to achieve at times. Cheers to a great weekend.

    • It was a tulip study for my composition class…they were cheap and didn’t move ☺️ and it was natural sunlight 😎 and yes self realization is hard work….compose a happy day ~ smiles hedy

  11. For a moment the tulips looked like shots of the truth to me. But on close inspection, I wasn’t so certain… Too many details inside of the inspection… Too many thoughts about what produces the color white in growing plants…

    The hell with close inspection… 🙂


    • it was home work…so i began with them in a vase…which was even more boring to me…throwing them on the white sheet in natural sun made me think more about what i was composing with them…and close inspection can be hell but also necessary, for me 😀 smiles and joy your way thanks for your comments Michael! appreciated ~ hedy

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