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Fahrenheit number of Bradbury’s novel

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According to Buddha

Cheerfulness is very important to health. It is the best antiseptic that you can have — plus the thought that you are all right. 

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

nighthawks at the diner of Emma’s 49’er
there’s a rendezvous of strangers around the coffee urn tonight
all the gypsy hacks and the insomniacs
now the paper’s been read, now the waitress said
eggs and sausage and a side of toast
coffee and a roll, hash browns over easy
chili in a bowl with burgers and fries
what kind of pie? yeah…


kitchen ~ random things ~ Edmonton, March 2016.

  1. 451?

  2. The latest research says that if you believe stress will kill you…it will.

    • oh yes all the research we create…like good fictions…i always thought of research that way when i worked as a researcher at the university 😀 so yes “it” will ^_^ whatever the “it” is, you know, “they” can tell us anything and we choose to believe…smiles ~ hedy

      • that is EXACTLY my point. One might “believe” this before it was examined but now there is actually evidence that what you believe about stress affects its effect on you. Many who warned against heart stress, based on Hans Selye’s research, have now converted to the understanding (not the unexamined, unverified “belief”) that some stress is actually good for you. Demonstrably dialates blood vessels…and inhibits cardiac arrest. You are wrong to make smug generalizations about “research” …it contains the word search…and what was Buddha doing…if not searching?
        Not all scientists are idiots and not all buddhists are geniuses.

        • i think you made several points…i am no expert on stress research but i have worked in the faculty of medicine and i’ve witnessed what they call “research” or ways to “search”…it’s just a word/s…and that word ‘research’ is of course loaded with already interpreted meanings…so as you say some stress…or i think some monkey mind…both also have ‘good’ i embrace both for some excitement as i never want to become too dull…perhaps, what you say are my generalizations about “research” are my experiences…i know my own story…i know what i composed and published…i’ve been jaded from academic experiences…and i’ve always questioned the evaded…but i would never say “all scientists are idiots and not all buddhists are geniuses”…hence the word sloppy…i believe no one…i question who are the gatekeepers, the funders and publishers of evidence/data/stories? i don’t believe that i am wrong as i do my own search…i compose my own stories…i am responsible for my life…i’m mindful to wake i leave behind…and i know my truths are negotiated through my own subjectivities…for me there is no truth…smiles ~ hedy

          • what you really mean is there are no transferable truths…all those things you say you live by are your truths…or you’d go nuts. I also question the gatekeepers, etc. but you are quick to take offense which indicates you are not as sure of yourself as you would like others to believe. The idea that you are solely responsible for your life …is absurd. We are all the products of our experiences and environments. You seem to have it half right in using the term negotiate and subjctivities…but my suspicion is that you have cut the branch you are sitting on too early in life. Pardon me, if I have offended you, but I am older than time itself – haha.

          • 😀 no offense taken…i can see you’ve had this discussion before…not with me…but elsewhere…you seem to know me better than me…but then perhaps, i’m naive…or as you point “you are not as sure of yourself as you would like others to believe” i know i’m no expert, nor do i want to be…but i’m ever curious…i appreciate the banter 😀

          • me too. (don’t know how to do smileys) you are almost right that this is a road-tested subject for me…but I suspect my deepest aim is to inform folks that what they believe to be true …affects outcomes…and I do heartily agree with you in that there is no capital t Truth.

          • ahhhh apparently i over smile too 😀 and i’m glad i’m almost right…mostly i’m wrong 😉 i appreciate you reminding to not cut off the branch…i do understand what you mean, very much….i’ve been listening to Charles Bukowski this week…The Genius Of The Crowd…i’m not much into capitals either…do have a happy and thoughtful day…many smiles ~ hedy

  3. such simple things, such great photos!

    • it was “homework”…it was our first assignment shoot in one room, shoot square, crop, shape, same subject, different positions, fill the frame, minimal…and having homework was a lot of work…albeiti fun…being a “student” made me learn new things…i really enjoy the workhops…hugs and smiles Inge

  4. To me, the simplest things are pretty much everything. Love your use of music, the Waits video is brilliant. And I too, have had my share of dangerous diner food. Nice one, Hedy. ❤️

  5. Your photos are beyond any philosophy. They are very good!

    • Thanks kind to say…I am working with intention to search for beauty threading in Roger Scruton’s notions of why beauty matters…☺️ happy day to you ~ smiles hedy

  6. This is a lovely little series, Hedy, and I particularly appreciate the coffee pot – its seeming simplicity reminds me of the paintings of Giorgio Morandi and William Scott.

  7. still life with coffee.

  8. The photos are excellent, and yes I have notice people who are happy and smile a lot have the better life, disposition and health. So always keep smiling everyone.

  9. Fascinating selection – love the rhythm of it.

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