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According to Buddha

We have to live through the results of every experience we put others through.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

lisboa, lisboa
the sorrow of your days gone by
now the hinterland of lovers should lay
beneath all your vacant skies
lisboa, lisboa
from alama’s arms to lisbendade
paper lanterns, falling embers
quiet cantors sing of sandade
the ever twilight amber of your alleyways
paint the air of evening oh so well
and strolls about the river bank
suggests there’s history left to tell
aye lisboa
a paradise beside the sea


walking random streets in CasteloLisbon  ~ April 2016.


  1. I love the sidewalk textures. Damn, I miss Europe.

  2. Great series of photos. I particularly love the first shot – the composition, light and shadows in that one are superb.

    • Thank you kindly PZF 😀 I enjoyed the post edit playing…always learning along the way…so I appreciate your comment ~ smiles Hedy

  3. That quote…intense, and honest. ❤️

  4. i love these pictures and especially love the quote

  5. I love the black and white, properly done. Beautiful images.

  6. I particularly like the top one.

  7. still some same streets like 40 years ago…
    did you get to hear the fado songs?

    • yes it is the historical part…and only a little Fado…the apartment had a playlist…i loved if even though i didn’t know a word…there was a lot of bars and cafes that had night music too 😀

  8. you’ve captured great smiles… and kisses 🙂 lovely everyday moments, as always, Hedy 🙂

    • thank you Alexandra…it was really enjoyable to live in an apartment for a couple of weeks and feel just a wee bit local…loved the spaces and people too 😀 thank you for your comment!

  9. Very rich photos. I especially love the one of the snogging couple, and the last one of the person bent down in the doorway. I think I will like it in Lisboa, a paradise by the sea.

    • oh you will…i have no doubt Alison…i have a FB friend in Naples who always shows captures “love” in his street photography…now i look for street love too…but with my camera i have to use my feet as my zoom so…happy day to you Alison 😀 i appreciate your comments…thank you!

  10. i enjoy taking photos of workmen.
    they are goo to photo.

    • in my experience they are always delighted and are just fine with the captures i do…and always happy to have smile, or say hello…or ask them what are you doing? i agree Gavin! happy week to you ~ smiles hedy

  11. Wonderful photos, the textures of the street and people are great.

    • Thanks kindly Terry ☺️ wonderful people to capture in being what they do in the neighbourhood…really enjoyed the energy of the street life…have a happy day ~ smiles Hedy

  12. Black and white photography demands a skill unique unto itself. You have mastered it.

    • Humble thank you Eddie ☺️ I appreciate you saying…I will keep on working and learning along the way…I enjoy the b:w editing process…thank you ~ smiles many ☺️ Hedy 😀

  13. Love the interactions here Hedy!

  14. I like it. Lisbon in my mind.

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