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According to Buddha

If you want to be sad, no one in the world can make you happy. But if you make up your mind to be happy, no one and nothing on earth can take that happiness from you.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

foi no domingo passado que passei
à casa onde vivia a mariquinhas
mas está tudo tão mudado
que não vi em nenhum lado
as tais janelas que tinham tabuinhas
do rés-do-chão ao telhado
não vi nada, nada, nada
que pudesse recordar-me a mariquinhas
e há um vidro pegado e azulado
onde via as tabuinhas


walking random streets in CasteloLisbon  ~ April 2016.





  1. Except politics, that could suck the happiness from anyone…

  2. Not pleasant, but, necessary.

  3. Great photos! Old, sad walls can be beautiful too. Like the happy old faces…

    • humble thank you 😀 yes walls full of stories told and retold…so beautiful…dogs barking…laundry drying…a neighbour greeting…church bells chiming…sensory overload for me…an alley walk…off shoot on a longer walk…wandering through as an outsider…magical…rooted in his/herstories…so unlike Alberta…i love the colours…compose a happy day! smiles hedy

  4. Real life.

    • my outsider view Van 😀 …i do like staying in one place when i travel…then i wander…and Lisbon is a city where you can wander and wander…i really loved it…especially the little streets and alleys…and the cobblestones…the food and wine too…

      • Hi Hedy. Some time I want to ask about the significance of the numbers ??? If you’ve explained before, sorry I didn’t see it.

        • no worries…i started just for me to learn about numbers…each post represents a number in the linear sequence for each post i’ve created…so i search out number meanings…sometimes better than others…some numbers are rather dull 😀 …i’m still not so fond of numbers…it’s one part of my intentions for sloppy ^_^

          here is the link Van 😀

  5. memorable photos, did you like Lisbon?

    • thank you kindly 😀 yes Eddie i’d return to Lisbon in a heartbeat…also explore more of Portugal…from what i experienced meeting people and seeing spaces i appreciated stories of their history…the pride of their country…so i loved the energy, rich colours, water and skies…which appeared so beautiful to me as an outsider…honestly the only annoying part was loud tourists…i was surprised by the amount of visitors in Lisbon…cruise ships, buses and taxis full…fascinating city…have you been there Eddie? smiles ~ hedy

      • Been curious about Portugal and have not been there so this is why I asked. Heard plenty good things about it for years as a good place to live. There is a city outside of Lisbon, recently recommended, that sounds delightful. (no so many tourists). Of coarse, if I remember the name I would tell you.

  6. Wow, you found some nice colors here, Hedy. They are lovely. Cheers!

  7. Such a rich collection of street shots Hedy!

  8. wow, what great impressions you captured, Hedy. That makes me looking forward for the vacation…

    • Throughly enjoyed it Markus ☺️ I have no doubt you will too! Maybe you’ve already been…I wanted t go to Lisbon since I was 8ish at last I had the opportunity and would return in a heartbeat…sending you joy ~ smiles Hedy

  9. Buddha was a wise man. These street photos are great I bet there are a lot of stories those walls and streets have seen over the years if we could only hear them speak.

    • oh yes those Buddha’s have much to say…i’ve been able to find their words and read their books since 2011…and there is still much much more as you know Terry…thank you kindly for your comment 😀 and i think the walls and streets do tell their stories when we are still and quiet…happy day ~ smiles hedy

      • I must listen more to hear all the stories.

        • i’ve learned listening is hard work….happy weekend Terry! many smiles hedy

          • That is the type of work that is spiritually rewarding and so worth it. Have a very nice weekend also.

          • caring for my father and his medical world…hard work…and rewarding in it’s own way…thank you Terry 😀 sending smiles and joy! happy day to you ~ hedy

          • Yes I understand, as my late wife also had an extensive medical requirements everyday, thoughts are with you and your father. Hope your weekend is going well.

          • thank you Terry…life and the hard stories to live…the old woman on the tram…echoed an image of my father…but the woman in Portugal was out and on the tram with people moving about/through/with her all looking out over her…i was taken in by that moment…i think a lot about our ethics of care…now off to be in the sunshine…sending you joy for a joyful sunday…one filled with beautiful stories ~ hedy

  10. A robust fact of life — and one must be robust to accept it

  11. Buddha Truth.
    I think you also found Lisbon’s truth. An abandoned chair that matches the wall paint. F. U. all on a quaint cobbled street. The laundry is my favourite. And the clock tower.
    Alison xox

  12. There was something about these images that hooked me. The sixth summed it up for me. The church sort of sucked or weighted down into utility cables and cobbled dilapidation. There is a sadness to it, but a rich sadness. And when I saw the chair and the darkened splotch on the wall behind it I imagined the chair burning brightly in a strong wind, the particles of molten chair flying and hitting the wall, cooling and blackening the surface. The images show things that are old, pressed upon, encroached maybe. Even the pigeons have nowhere else to go. To carry happiness into such a world is the beautiful achievement of the Buddha…


    • rich sadness…carry happiness into such a world is the beautiful achievement of the Buddha…and we’re all the Buddha 😀 …but i don’t know…so i appreciate your mindful words Michael…all memorable moments for me…i can make up lots of stories in my hedy head…big smiles and hugs ~ hedy

  13. Such a wise true statement. The pictures sure do tell a story but no where near the stories you seen and heard. What a beautiful place all in its own. Makes me feel greedy, thank you for sharing.

    • 😀 well hippiegirl5 i agree i think often of my position…and yes my greed…but also i share as much as i can…of course always possible for more…i imagine a different world…compose a happy and thank you kindly for your comment…appreciated ~ hedy

  14. I’m working backwards through your posts. The colour is extraordinarily good!

  15. Great fotos… e moita saudade.

    • yes a happy place and happy affections to the places and spaces i witnessed in Portugal.😀 thank you kindly for your comments Alex…have a happy day ~ smiles hedy

  16. Gostei do seu Blog! Estou seguindo! Siga o meu também! Obrigada!

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