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According to Buddha

One must never give up hope of becoming better. A person is old only when s/he refuses to make the effort to change. That stagnant state is the only “old age” I recognize.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

here today the red sky tells his tale
but the only listening eyes are mine
there is peace amongst the hills
and the night will cover all my pride
blessed are they who smile from bodies free
seems to me like any other crowd
who are waiting to be saved


Sintra, Portugal ~ random streets ~ April 2016



  1. I always thought I should visit Sintra, and yet never got ’round to it. Oh well, a virtual trip will suffice for now. Many thanks Hedy!

    • It was a quick visit…I was overwhelmed by the amount of tourists on a weekday…I think staying in Sintra and getting into hiking and being there for the magic hours would be fantastic…it’s a fairytale so pretty yet mysterious…happy day Hariod! smiles Hedy

  2. I am so with the sentiment of this post. Old = Stagnation. Beautiful thoughts, music and pictures, Hedy. You blend these so very well. 💕

    • thank you Van…i appreciate you saying 😀 Sintra is a magical space…a long rich history…plus i seem to be learning more about illusions…and well Genesis is the old rock band…but still so fine 😀 …have a fun day Van! <3 smiles hedy

  3. the wise words – the place/photos and Genesis + PGabriel (the perfect and only combination) – everything rewinded me to my teenagehood, when listening to music was group therapy or some kind of mass, and nights were married to mornings, and talking was something that lasted for hours, and friends were real and not apart.
    great post indeed!

    • oh yes and PGabriel…and middle years of schooling 😀 and “nights were married to mornings”…that’s so true to me…thanks kindly Jose for your thoughtful wise words ~ smiles hedy

      • hedy, sorry to ask you this, where in the world are you? 😀 I need to know that! 😀

        • i live in Edmonton, (etown), Alberta, Canada…i’m lingering over my experiences in Portugal very much 😀

          • god! land of the ice and snow and Saskatchewan – love this word! Now I know where you are! 😀

          • Saskatchewan is next to Alberta…and yes today there is snow in Alberta…it’s not Portugal Jose 😀

          • No, it’s not! 🙂

          • I wasn’t doubting – 😀 – just expressing deep awe and happinness for being away from it!

          • Trust me I understand and that’s why I miss Portugal very much! ☺️

          • It’s almost the only wealth left around here, we don’t pay any direct taxes on that so far!

          • Well I don’t know about your Portuguese taxes…but yes taxing weather…I think rainwater taxes happen in several places…but I don’t know things about taxes other than I didn’t make enough this year 😉 smiles Jose! 😀

          • our taxes are high, salaries are low – everybody thinks the same about the matter! 😀

          • wow “everybody” well then that’s a lot of bodies…there must be some resistors? I will read more…

          • also as I read a bit further I know my outsider view as a traveller sees only the beauty…and the grateful surprises of being in new spaces…I also see the similarities of how we live on the planet as beings in human suits…now to the woods to see beauty…look forward to hear some new music from your blog Jose ☺️ have a happy day…

          • I am a teacher. Cuts were particularly cruel with us. I won’t tell you what the public opinion thinks of us right now – using nice words – we make too much money, we work little time. This is a very complicated matter, there are economic issues at stake, and they come first! Political options forget the people involved, money comes first!
            Let’s be happy, if they let us! 😀

          • ahhhh yes the lives of teachers…i was a teacher educator…these stories of “we make too much money, we work little time” linger over here as well…be happy…i want to believe no one can take that from us Jose. 😀

          • absolutely! i see you know the drill! 😀

          • yes…also a part of why I left my academic life…now I’m happy…but miss the pay check ☺️

          • I’m not happy as a teacher anymore, a great deal of it because politicians decided to “freeze” the salaries, increase taxation and cuts, all that means a lousy pay check!
            Besides it’s quite difficult to be a teacher around here these days…

          • yes i know that feeling…i felt like a fraud…now it’s reinvention and try new possibilities…i imagine something very different 😀 sending you joy!

          • It’s too late to change for me. Been there for too long, just have to survive a few more years! Joy is always outside, I know where to find it! 😄

          • yes it’s a hard choice…this i’ve learned…and yes outside i also find and feel joy…thanks for this little exchange Jose…as i read and learned more again as an outside about your beautiful country…i will return to Portugal! 😀

          • It’s a small but quite diverse country, each region was invaded and was under influence of different people/tribe, that left a distinct cultural heritage in every region. 😄

  4. I completely agree that we must not give up the hope that we can become better. There is so much magic in these pictures–it must be a place where anything seems possible. Thank you for sharing!

    • wide smiles and yes…so much better playing the believing game…becoming and being better is always possible…thank you kindly Raven Wolfe for your comments…i appreciate them ~ compose a happy day ~ smiles hedy

  5. I think I too would now like to visit Sintra one day. Through your eyes it looks magical.

    • and when you do take many days…it’s magical and there is so much within and surrounding…i too would return…happy day to you Alison! smiles hedy

  6. what an amazing place.
    looks so old.

  7. I love the leafy face!

    • Thank kindly Richard…lots of interesting door ornaments…fitting with the woods of Sintra 😀 have a happy Monday ~ smiles Hedy

  8. Live life to the fullest and make every adventure count. Yes, this is what keeps us young. My mind still says I am 18 but my body only stays going as long as I keep moving and my mind keeps growing by all the experiences I have had and will encounter in the future. Have a nice week Hedy, I so enjoy the quotes you share with us.

    • Terry thank you for your comments and interest in my posts…i agree in embracing the adventure and enjoy every moment 😀 and yes the human suit we need to keep moving…off to yoga and the woods for me…have a happy day ~ smiles hedy

  9. Nice catch of the ghost in the last picture.

  10. Hi beautiful photos !

  11. Nices pictures… desacougantes e bonitas ao mesmo tempo con esas nubes detrás e un branco e negro preciosista.

    • yes a happy place and happy affections to the places and spaces i witnessed in Portugal. 😀 thank you kindly for your comments Alex…have a happy day ~ smiles hedy

    • the tones and colours of Lisbon…are so different than here in Alberta…i love the warm honey like tones very much…the rain was short lived…so fun! thank you kindly for your comments Alex…compose a wonderful day! smiles hedy

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