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Nadir Bouhmouch’s 2013 documentary number

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According to Buddha

Stillness is the altar of Spirit. There is no limit of the deepening of stillness. 

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

we are not alone
and we are more alone
so hurry up and lose me
hurry up and find me
so i’ll pass
the lumber mills
i’ll pass the coal mines
and the parks
and the dried up oil fields
i’ll pass a thousand lonely pines
that bend their backs against the sun


Saskatchewan Highway 16, 7 km off the highway ~ May 2016.

  1. Particularly captivated by the track up the hill (image #2), Hedy.

    • thank you kindly 😀 i’ve learned sometimes there is a beautiful surprise over the hill…compose a beautiful sunday Hariod 😀

  2. Beautiful blue series of a track into the clouds, clouds darkening the landscapes and layers of vegetation, water and clouds, Hedy.

    • it was a charming little place…I need to find out the name…it was a picnic space on my way to Regina…thank you kindly Reinhold for your comments! Compose a beautiful day ~ smiles Hedy

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  4. What a sky! You could get lost in that ever changing stillness.

    • it was so calm…fresh…and yes an amazing sky…i love looking at the sky…compose a beautiful week Alison <3 thank you for your comments…i appreciate them 😀

  5. Lovely area and your photos do it justice. Hope your weekend was good and your upcoming week great.

    • Beautiful summer Monday morning here Terry sending you joy and fun! You have a happy day! Many smiles Hedy…thank for your comments I appreciate them ☺️

  6. Lovely images, Hedy! The sky is very “tall” in these pictures, and I love the hill image, too. It appears to be a path towards a point of union– union of earth and sky, of here and there, of what has been and what will be. How do we read so much into the land? How could we not, when the land is over four billion years old, and we are so young and imminent upon it!? It is us with the land that composes this view… 🙂


    • oh thank you so much Michael…i appreciate your words…and yes the hill lead us to those beautiful skies and the lake…a union for a picnic 😀 …i’ve always loved the land…my mother was a painter and she taught me a lot about looking and seeing as well we have endless land in Alberta and Saskatchewan…somehow in this place i felt like i was on top of the world…so pretty…om shanti ~ hedy 😀 have a beautiful week!

  7. Bellos y espectaculares cielos …..

    • Jacintº prairie skies are amazing to me…i never tire of them…and we have endless land here 😀 thank you for your comments…i appreciate them 😀

  8. Beautiful awesome stillness here Hedy!

  9. We are not alone. Esas nubes vagando por el cielo nos acompañan.

    • agree and alone is different than lonely…i love the clouds…and all i see inside and outside of them…best to be outside in a room without a roof 🙂 have a happy day Alex ~ smiles hedy

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