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According to Buddha

During the effort of being one-pointed, the yogi will be unsuccessful unless he can by concentration withdraw his attention from the activities of the life force in the various senses. Otherwise, he will be constantly distracted by restless thoughts—the mental concepts formed from sensory stimuli by the “fanciful faculty” of feeling.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

don’t forget, don’t forget
that i believe in you
should you forget, should you forget
let me remind you
that i am behind you


random streets of Lisbon, Portugal ~ April 2016.



  1. Aren’t the Portuguese so arty, beautiful.

    • Yes Bob I agree I loved all of my experience there ☺️ I wanted to go there since I was 7/8 years old…as I wrote in a school note I must have known I’d love it! Have a happy day ☺️

  2. Pleasing song, life has many ways to divert the concentration.. 🙂

  3. Piece two – most amusing!

  4. My eye is drawn right into your photos of these people and I begin to wonder about them, about their lives. There’s something about B&W photography that’s so very powerful, as if all extraneous matter is stripped away. Thanks Hedy for a journey into everyday Lisbon.

    • i always love b/w street photography as you say it strips away the extraneous matter 😀 and yes this is my outsider views of Lisbon…but of course one can learn a lot from being with locals and reading about the current affairs of Portugal…and like here economic times are tough for many…the three older people were travellers…pointing me to where i needed to go…even though i had no where to go 😀 i just love walking and looking and at times connecting with the people i photograph…it makes me feel alive and that i am here…where there…now i’m here…many smiles Alison <3 my heart today is with my friends in Istanbul…as i imagine you may feel too…big hugs!

  5. Monochrome shows the spirit. Awesome. 👏

    • i agree Reinhold…i do love monochrome…and i always love the challenge of colour…sending you joy over the pond ~ smiles hedy

  6. Wonderful photos of the street life, monochrome so captures the essence of the mood. I must use this wisdom and try to concentrate, or open my mind and be one with the moment, to rid myself of the mundane everyday blahs and turmoils that make my mind whirl in ways that does not let me relax. Oh to be closer to enlightenment. Thank you

    • well Terry in this world of distractions i think perhaps, we all need to work on it…maybe right now the whole world needs to take a big nap…no one is enlightened here…sending you relaxing vibes and joy with some delicious sunshine for a happy weekend ~ many smiles hedy…and thank you for always commenting i appreciate it 😀

  7. Impressing, Hedy. You are so close to the People!!! …and the dogs ad well. 😄

  8. Bravo, Hedy! art&monochrome! <3

  9. Great shots Hedy, love the woman’s expression at the outdoor cafe with that dog!

  10. Moi fermosas esas fotografías feitas polas rúas da cidade.

    • i love the streets…i feel alive as though i am here 😀 well perhaps there…who knows…but yes the streets of Lisbon are wonderful…i loved my time there 🙂 thank you for your comments Alex! 😀

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