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According to Buddha

Most people live on the surface of life. But it is by deep-sea diving in the ocean of thought that you receive the pearls of knowledge. 

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

se eu dançar no meu barco
eu não estou indo para o mar cruel
e não lhe dizer onde eu estava cantando
sorrindo, dança, vida, sonhando com você


Cascais, Portugal ~ April 2016

  1. Beautiful photos. I plan on visiting someday

  2. Fantastic, I love your beeches.

    • Thanks kindly Bob 😎 Cascais is a coastal town 30 km from Lisbon…beautiful town…I live in etown and we have a river no beach or sea 😌 have a fun Sunday!

  3. living abroad, it was nice to see your pictures from home 🙂 nice shots! PedroL

  4. Gorgeous gorgeous light, and composition.

  5. Wonderful photos and I must dive deeper, both in life and photography. Have an outrageous day.

    • oh Terry i love my camera and playing in lightroom…took some classes and plan to do more in the fall winter sessions…dive deep but also surface 😀 i’m having a relaxing day…rebooting myself ^_^ have a joyful day too YOU!

  6. i like the man with all the pots.

    • He was lovely and agreed that I take some shots of him working…there is also a man within the photo of all the fishing equipment…I don’t know the fisherman terms but it was a cool pier…have a happy Monday Gavin! ☺️

    • Cascais is fabulous…so beautiful and so clean and organized…i loved it there…i took many photographs it was magical…thank you Alex! happy day to you 😀

  7. wonderful motives, colors, shadows, composition! Great work, Hedy!

  8. the difference between writing with a stencil and risking freehand..?

    • Yes freehand is riskier….I wonder if the message had to do with graffiti as I did see a lot…but I don’t know ☺️ have a fun free day earthstills ~ smiles Hedy

  9. 🙂 yes, the graffiti in the last image and the preceding quote about merely scratching the surface as opposed to diving deep – somehow the two smacked me in the face, even if that was my projection, rather than the explicit intention your post perhaps 🙂 Here’s to being free, whether we write or dive! 😉

    • And also to surfacing as diving deep is a lot of hard work ☺️ I see the connection and I think for me it was the words I did not finish…happy writing!

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