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d&rgw train (narrow gauge) engine number

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According to Buddha

Am I the ocean? It is too small, A dream dewdrop on the azure blades of space. Am I the sky? It is too small, A lake in the bosom of eternity. Am I eternity? It is too small, Framed in a name. In the vast region of namelessness I love to dwell, Beyond limits of dreams, names, conceptions. I am what I am always — In the ever-present past, In the ever-present future, In the ever-present now. 

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

here’s what we know
we don’t know what we’ve got or if we’ve got it
and what we had, we already forgot it
the race is evidently to the bottom
we don’t, we don’t, we don’t know what to say
don’t know what it was but we want it back


random streets in Lisbon, Portugal ~ April 2016.

  1. Dropping into the fathomless depths of the mind we go.
    Excellent post composed with photos that illustrate your thoughtful composition

    • 😀 this is my sloppy number representation Ray…D&RGW train (Narrow Gauge), engine number 483, engine type 2-8-2…i think it works 😀

      • A 2-8-2 is known is a Mikado which delivered about 36000 pounds of power… Also called a K36. I think there are about 20 or so still in operation… Including most of the 400s. I don’t know much, but I know a little bit about big mechanical things. 📸

  2. Some nice new perspectives in these architectural images, Hedy. Cheers!

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  4. Love how the 3rd and last photos capture the city life in this town, lovely as always. Have a super week my friend.

    • Terry you’re so kind i appreciate you saying…and yes a wonderful city for sure…have a beautiful week Terry ~ sending you joy for your productive week!

  5. i see a pigeon

  6. A favourite Buddha quote! And the third photo is fabulous.

    • ahhh the Buddha had so much to say…it felt fitting to my week…and yes the third is also my fav 😀 compose a happy week Alison!

  7. wonderful! 🙂

  8. loving these perspective(s) in your photos. 🙂

  9. worse still to know what it was and to want it back?! or perhaps that is part of the letting go

    • 😀 yes…releasing is a good thing…although sometimes i don’t even know what “it” is…many smiles and thanks kindly Earthstills for your comments 😀 smiles hedy

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