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Vilgot Sjöman’s black and white film number

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According to Buddha

The cosmic Aum sound is the combined vibration of the three phases of Nature: creation, preservation, and dissolution operative in the physical, astral, and causal universes. The vocal chanting of Aum should be intoned first in a high pitch, representing creation; then in a lower pitch, representing preservation; then in a still lower tone that gradually fades away, representing dissolution. The chanting should be first loudly, then softly, and then gently until it is inaudible, or mental only.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

are we on the lonely side
say oh now the past long away
are we so lost in the dark of our hearts
that there’s no light of day
no oh oh oh
somebody left the gate open
you know we got lost on the way
come save us a runaway train
gone insane
how do we how do we not fade
how do we how do we how do we not fade away
how do we how do we oh


Terwillegar ParkEdmonton, Alberta ~ August 2016

  1. beautiful photos and words,
    each photo is a masterpiece

  2. Fabulous skies images.

  3. An exquisite gallery, Hedy, with quite magical imagery. You’re an early riser!

    • Hariod such kind words made me smile reading them 😀☺️ thanks so much! Yes I’m up early even today camping and I saw a deer so special to me 🤗☀️

  4. Wonderful post, Hedy! Beautiful set of images…and a most calming sound.

  5. Such peaceful images. Have a wonderful week, Hedy…Cheers!

  6. I looked through your photos this morning, as I prepare to say goodbye to one of my greatest, deepest loves–my boy pup who is dying of cancer. We had so many wonderful outings together in nature–he seemed to savour all of it as I did. The sequence of photos made me cry–in a good way. Seeing the sky, then the bundle of flowers, followed by the path into the mist– it almost seemed as though this was a photo story for us, as we are in the last phase of his life–and he is fading away. I know that is just a coincidence–but thank you! It’s beautiful. <3

    • Raven so hard to see our critters leave…six weeks back I also had to made the sloppy Buddhist choice to help my little Bella mutt along…not sure I’ve grieved her yet…with so much to do with my father…so your words have made me whimper for her too and for you and your dog too…warm tears are new tears…good to release…big hugs Raven Wolfe…have a gentle day ☺️

  7. AUM, I often wondered the meaning, thank you for providing the answer. And as usual the photos are wonderful. Is this area close to home?

  8. 491
    Oh oh oh oh so beautiful from the first shot to the last.
    Have a sweet soulful day Hedy.

  9. nice bench flowers.

  10. The layers in #2 are simply stunning! My absolute fav of a cool series, Hedy.

  11. Cool! Beautiful images.

  12. Beautiful! I love these foggy and mystical photos. Actually I can’t say which one I like most… I like them all. 😉

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