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Ruth–Aaron’s 8th pair number

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According to Buddha

Humanity has been sleeping—and still sleeps—lulled within the narrowly confining joys of its little closed loves. In the depths of the human multitude there slumbers an immense spiritual power which will manifest itself only when we have learnt how to break through the dividing walls of our egoism and raise ourselves up to an entirely new perspective, so that habitually and in a practical fashion we fix our gaze on the universal realities.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

lying in the bed at night
feeling like i’m somebody else
my thoughts inside my head get lost inside the haunted house
everyone i used to know left their dreams by the door
i accidentally kick ’em that’s how i can tell you’re still not sure
and all the walls we build they rise and they fall


off highway 56 on route to Drumheller, Alberta ~ August 2016


  1. Wasn’t it Isaac Asimov who said: “So the universe is not quite as you thought it was. You’d better rearrange your beliefs, then. Because you certainly can’t rearrange the universe”?

    Beautiful imagery and post!

  2. Such a rustic old building. You captured it well, Hedy. The photo gods blessed you with the perfect sky for this shoot. Cheers.

  3. Wow, what a contrast… the old barn and the massive clouds. I like all images of this series, Hedy! But #1 is #1! 🙂

  4. Ooh, these are so sumptuous, Hedy, and seem to have an almost hallucinogenic quality about them. 🙂

    • thanks kindly Hariod…the light was so beautiful…”so sumptuous” and “hallucinogenic quality”…i like these words…have a happy day! 😀

  5. The top picture. Whew.

    Assuming you are starting with AB then 1,402 – 2,062. I’ve always thought Ruth was far more productive.

    • humble thanks Ray 😀 well the whole number thingy is always a challenge but fun…i used to find some ways to write the numbers…so maybe Ruth was more productive, i don’t know…have a good day…sending you strength and all good things for you and your community…take care 😀

      • In my opinion Ruth was more productive because he had about 30% fewer at bats than Aaron. Although it’s impossible to say with certainty, if he hadn’t pitched in the early years of his career it is likely that his home runs alone would have been between 900 – 1,000 even in that dead ball era.

        It’s going to take a long time for Louisiana to recover. Retired Gen. Russell Honore (some say saved New Orleans after Katrina) says at least 8 years. That sounds about right.

        • 😀 wonderful Ray…i know nothing about baseball at all…hugs and love to you all in Louisiana…i do think about my family in the Netherlands when i see the images of the levées and how we live with nature…hard to imagine what you are all experiencing…take care…

  6. Such powerful words. SOME DAY we may get beyond our physical selves. Hopefully we reach out from the inside.

  7. Great and powerful photos! 🙂 As well as to the words! 😉

  8. fantastic!

  9. What a fantastic top image-it looks like the clouds are seeking refuge in the house-or the house is going to go up in the clouds-terrific! A rockin’ post 🙂

    • gosh thanks so much littledogslaughed 😀 the clouds this past weekend have been stunning…really enjoyed the prairies this past long weekend…have a fun day! smiles hedy 😀

  10. Oh Hedy you did it again – another set of gorgeous images.

  11. Beautiful photos, the abandoned cabin, the beautiful scenery, such a contrast. That must have been a lovely place to live at one time. Can you imagine waking up to those views everyday.
    Have a lovely evening Hedy.

    • Terry thank you for your comments and looking at my post…i appreciate it…and yes this house is on a beautiful piece of land…and yes i can imagine waking up to this view everyday…i’d love to live on the prairies for a few years…as i am a urban person…but i’m drawn more and more to the land as i age 😀 have a wonderful evening too Terry ~ smiles and joy to you!

  12. I love this, or because I am old and run down too.

  13. Nice contrasts. I feel as if I were there.

  14. Powerful post, Hedy. Strong, vivid images and words. That cloud formation is amazing.

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  16. Again amazing photos. Deep contrast, dramatic colors, as I like it. Have nice days with nice lights, Zsolt

  17. Beautiful pictures. A casa, o campo, esas nubes que pasan manchando o ceo azul. Nice!

  18. R u a buddhist Hedy? sorry I m jus askin bcoz…u have expressed the sayings of lord Buddha so beautifully n deeply

    • i’m a sloppy one Isolated_girl…i knew that the Buddha had a lot to say when i started my blog…so i thought i’d read more and learn along the way…i enjoy some of the readings…others seem unattainable but i find something comforting in the words…one that are relevant to me in the moment…in the now…here is my explantation so you know a little more…thank you for your comments…have a happy night! smiles hedy ~

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