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According to Buddha

To be ecstatic is not difficult. It is thinking that it is difficult that holds you apart from it. Never think of divine joy as distant from you, and it will be with you always.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

have you ever had a fever,
from a bitter-sweet refrain,
have you ever kissed the sunshine,
walked between the rain.
well, just climb up on my music,
and my songs will set you free,
well, just climb up on my music,
and from there jump off with me.


Brooks Aqueduct, Alberta ~ August 2016

  1. beautyful images of ugly things. So nice to see that light can make ugly things appear so interesting. Wish you a nice day!

  2. Photos catching the eye and the start mind working coupled with stimulating words

  3. As always wonderful Hedy, thank you for these posts.

  4. What an interesting subject matter. You don’t see many aqueducts in the modern day. Nicely captured Hedy..Have a great day.

    • thanks Chris…the Brooks Aqueduct is a National/Provincial Historic Site which spans 3.2 km suspending a concrete sling twenty metres above the parched prairie landscape…once filled to overflowing with precious water bound for the thirsty croplands of southwestern Alberta, today it holds only memories…have a good week too! smiles hedy

  5. How on earth did you get up in there, Hedy? I see the ladder – which starts 10 feet(?) off the ground – but I wouldn’t climb up that in a million years! o_O

    • oh no i didn’t climb up…just went through the one end which was ‘open’…well sort of…i think they prefer ppl to stay off…but i had to snap some photos…so that was exciting Hariod 😀 …i think about the men who worked on the Aqueduct walking on the edge with those high prairie winds…blowing off or being swept into the water…such a harsh job…i’m with you i wouldn’t climb up in a million years…smiles hedy 😀

  6. My irreverent memory: this advice from the Buddha reminds me of the quip attributed to Stephen Leacock — “I don’t understand people saying writing is hard. Writing is easy — just write down whatever occurs to you. Yes, writing is easy. It’s the occurring that is hard.” There is always a point of difficulty!

    • that’s a wonderful quote Penny…i once had a writing instructor who said if you can talk and tell a story you can write 😀 i agree the occurring is the hard part…especially with necessary interruptions…may the words fall to you page today Penny…have a wonderful walk! smiles hedy

  7. The last photo is my favorite one! Great. 🙂

  8. Wow, you’ve taken something completely mundane, something I probably would never think to photograph, and turned it into something spectacular. Love the intense blue.

    • it was a blazing 31 degrees with a soft summer wind…i was told about it by my photographer friends…so i had to go see…not sure i would have found it Alison…but indeed happy to have seen this National/Provincial Historic Site…i thought a lot about Alberta history…stories from before…and yes that bright white blue is our Alberta sky…very often…not that Portugal honey…thank you for your comments…i appreciate your words…have a happy day! smiles hedy

  9. Wonderful set of perspective photos ~ life can be just like this, so different depending on how you look at it (the second shot being my favorite…the feeling of infinity!). There is also something that links these to the quote above ~ “Never think of divine joy as distant from you, and it will be with you always.” Wish you a great weekend ahead Hedy ~

    • Thank you Randall ☺️ and yes the 3.2 km of the river in the sky…joy is always with us…even on the cloudy days…have a fun long weekend 😎 smiles Hedy

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  11. Suas imagens são emocionantes! Não canso de vê-las!

    • that’s wonderful Ana…this was an odd kind of space…and i agree a lot to look at 😀
      eso es maravilloso Ana … se trataba de una especie extraña del espacio … Y estoy de acuerdo mucho que ver (maybe it is correct?)

      • Existem muitas fotos com imagens de céu e nuvens, mas as suas fotos são realmente diferentes: estranhas e belas ao mesmo tempo.

        • well i like that “estranhas e belas ao mesmo tempo”…strange and beautiful…perfect to me…thank you kindly Ana for your comments…compose a happy day! smiles hedy

  12. Wonderful!

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